Partnerships & Acquisitions

Partnerships & Acquisitions


In February 2015, the official day a family run business Easi Foods Packaging LTD has joined forces with Pemix & CO ltd. This collaboration will develop further contacts and business accounts to enhance brands such, STERILGARDA ALIMENTI, DURUSU Natural Spring Water, PAPILON Toiletries Brand, RITA Brand tomato products, FOOD SERVICE PACKAGING and Roto Chef into an organised sales and distribution network around the Maltese islands. All distribution will be handled by Pemix Distributors Ltd.

In June 2010, Pemix acquired Tiburon from the local market. Brands within Tiburon include, Amadeo Nappi, Ellebi, Grifo, Inoe, Pasini, Sun Mark and Tatawa.

In November 2009, Pemix Ltd acquired 50% of Prinz International Ltd – Sole distributors for ‘KuchenMeister’ (cakes and confectionary) ‘Aantares-Pastarotti’, ‘Jannis’ (confectionary, seed and nut bars etc), ‘Papadopolous’ (crackers and biscuits) amongst others. This merger will surely grow into a fruitful venture giving very positive results. Distribution will be done by both Pemix Limited and Direct Imports Limited.

We already invested in Human Resources by adding two more sales people with Direct Imports, one more delivery person in the distribution division and one office clerk in our office.

We are confident the end result of such an acquisition will prove positive.

In January 2009, Pemix Ltd acquired the remaining 40% share holding in Direct Imports LTD. It is the intention of Pemix LTD to invest in both, HR as well as financially, to expand and develop more Direct Imports, in the future and will be exploring with our existing and suppliers all opportunities that come our way. We will make it a point to visit all our suppliers sometime during 2009.

In October 2008 Pemix Ltd acquired Two’s Distributors Ltd, importers of various brands of greeting cards and select gifts. This now forms part of a new division in the Pemix portfolio. Pemix’s intention is to expand in this division by acquiring more brands to add to this portfolio. From immediate effect, all business will be handled under Pemix G & G division. It is the intention that this division will benefit from a bigger distribution network, better synergies, financial backing, human resources and much more.

In July 2007 a preliminary agreement has been signed for the acquisition of two other pharmacies. The deal will be finalized in the first quarter of 2008. This brings the number of pharmacies acquired to three and the aim of the company is to acquire another two pharmacies by the year 2008, to bring five the number of pharmacies acquired.

In 2004 Aldocor Ltd was formed between Pemix Ltd and the Gatt Family on a 50 / 50 basis. The scope was to enter into the retail sector mainly pharmacies.
In June 2004 the first pharmacy was acquired and since the acquisition there has been a growth of 28%.

In 2004 Pemix Ltd acquired 60% shareholding in Direct Imports Ltd with the balance of 40% being held by the Refalo Family. The company concentrates mainly in the importation and distribution of general foodstuffs and confectionery. To acquire more information about Direct Imports kindly visit the products section.

In January 2002, 2s Company was founded, with Pemix Limited holding 50% shareholding, and the remaining balance of 50% being held by the Falzon family. 2s Company mainly trades in stationery products and greeting cards.



In May 2013, Pemix acquired Abena, a Danish company which produces several brands of adult incontince diapers and baby nappies.

In March 2013, Pemix was entrusted with the complete portfolio of Cloetta. Such products include the Dietorelle range, Dietor sweeteners and Sperlari torroni and torroncini.

2008, Leaf, an international company active in the sugar confectionery market, holds a leading markt position in Western Europe in the sugar confectionery segments candy, chewing gum and pastilles with products like Saila and Lakerol. Pemix Limited acquired Leaf’s products on 1st April 2008.Wth a growing health awareness, Leaf now includes products which are; low-fat, low-sugar, sugar free and organic.

2008, Damel is a historical Company in the Spanish sweets market, which started in 1860. It offers a selection of chewy candy as well as hard candy such as Pectol. On the 1st January 2008 the company Damel decided to change the distribution company in Malta to Pemix Limited. Damel prides itself in developing high quality products for today’s market.

2008, Ferrarelle , This No.1 Best Seller Sparkling Water in Italy will be exclusively distributed by Pemix as from 2008. This company also produces Natia still mineral water but the core business is by far the Ferrarelle Sparkling Water. Pemix will be concentrating on both the Horeca and retail markets.

2008, Church & Dwight, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Church & Dwight USA. A long, established company with over 100 years of history. This year the company confirmed changing their local distribution to our company. From the extensive range of products available Pemix have started importing the ranges of Nair, hair removal products, FemFresh, Intimate Range and Arm & Hammer toothpastes. As from 1st January the well-known Pearl Drops range of Tooth Polishes and the Arrid range of deodorants in Aerosol, Roll-On, and Cream Form will also be available through our company.

Occa, is a Turkish company producing food drinks in powder form. The core business includes mainly coffee-based products of premium quality in attractive packaging.

Golden Wonder, is a long established UK company manufacturing potato products / snacks. In early 2007 this company was purchased by Tayto of Ireland. The range of products has been improved both in way of packaging and quality of final product.

Mr. Kanny, Founded in 1998, the Mr Kanny company offers a wide selection of breakfast cereals. These ‘natural’ and healthy foods are offered at very competitive prices and come in several varieties to suit different palates.

Fallini, This company specialises in the production of dried and grated cheeses with the addition of natural aromas which improve the taste of your pasta dishes.

Borghini, is a company leader in the production and distribution of food specialities. These include a vast range of ready-to-use herbs which when added to your cooking will help you prepare tasty dishes in no time at all. Borghini − Helps to dress up your cuisine!

Foodlink, is a trading company concerned with the supply of rice crackers from the Far East to meet the demands of Western European markets. Its high quality products including Delites are targeted as snack foods for the health-conscious consumer. Gluten-free and fat-reduced, they offer a very attractive snack alternative.

Berni, The comeback of this Italian company in 2002 marked the beginning of a new era with the production of innovative, delicious and genuine products including sauces, freeze-dried rice, and condiments for use with cooked rice and pasta dishes. Berni – a passionate food company delivered to your table with much gusto!

Cerebos, is a long established food manufacturing company in Australia and New Zealand. It manufactures a range of wet and dry products including sauces, gravy powders, desserts and salt products. Such products offer the possibility of enhancing taste and texture of various dishes bringing life to your table.

Rupa , A leading Czech company producing healthy cereal bars and a range of candy products. In Malta we are importing ‘Fly Kid’ which is a crunchy cereal bar with a high content of calcium and vitamin E. Fly Muesli bars in multi-packaging are similarly high in vitamin C & E and enriched with pro-biotics.

Arosa, This company produces various Swiss specialities among which is the Hi-Fibre Energy Bar which is being distributed locally. Again, although the market is flooded with similar products we are already getting promising results.

Ziotis International, A U.K. based company specialising in the production of pharmacy related products including plasters, bandages and other extemporaneous preparations.

Eurostock , A very recent acquisition was that of Bolero instant drinks manufactured by Eurostock of Bulgaria. This range of products has been already very well accepted on the local market and excellent results are forecasted till end 2006.

Vicenzi, A-100-year old Italian company which enjoys a very good reputation for the high quality confectionery items produced. Many of its products command nearly 50% market share on the Italian home market which is well known on the international level for its extremely high quality in this sector of food items. In 2005 Vicenzi acquired 4 Parmalat subsidiaries namely Grisbi biscuits, Mr. Day, Prontoforno and Matin.

Chipita Bulgaria, A subsidiary of Chipita Internationl of Greece, this company based in Bulgaria produces a wide range of cakes for the retail market. Since its introduction in 2005 a considerable market share in this sector has been acquired.

Hitschler, Based in Cologne, Germany, this company produces high quality confectionery specialising mainly in chewy candies and bubble gum.

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