Babylino Sensitive

Country: Greece

Supplied By: MEGA Disposables S.A.

Imported By: importer

Your baby grows and is active and happy thanks to your love and care. Babylino Sensitive diapers range is by your side as a “baby care ally” to accompany your little one at all stages of its development. From the first day of its life to the endless hours of play, crawling and exploration up the moment when it will leave its diaper days behind it for good!

Babylino offers much more than just absorbency. They have been designed with carefully-selected materials of certified friendliness to baby skin, to provide thorough, safe and secure protection. They offer comfortable fit, and secure and safe protection because, apart from the uniquely soft cover, they also have a super absorbent core, that effectively helps in reducing leaks.

  • Babylino Sensitive are the first disposable baby diapers in Europe, to be Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified for the absence of more than 200 harmful substances.
  • Clinically tested, with excellent results after a 4 weeks study on babies under dermatologist and paediatrician supervision, by Dermatest Laboratory (Germany).
  • With chamomile extract, for extra skin care.
  • With Dry Matrix technology, consisting of a net of natural fibers.
  • With super-absorbent core, which captures moisture better than ever.
  • With Comfi-Fit technology for excellent fit on baby's body.
  • Thin and anatomically designed.
  • Recommended by the Hellenic Society of Paediatric Dermatology.
  • Recommended by the Hellenic Midwives Association.

Babylino Sensitive range also includes bay pull-ups / pants, wipes and bed pads / change mats.

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