Cow & Gate Loyalty Scheme

Published on January 18, 2023

Benefit from the fantastic Cow & Gate loyalty scheme!

Hereunder, we have compiled a list of FAQs, T&Cs and other relevant information.


Which Cow & Gate products are eligible for this scheme?

Cow & Gate stage 2, 3 & 4 are eligible for this scheme.

How many packs do I need to purchase to get a free pack?

1 Free eligible Cow & Gate pack is given once 6 eligible Cow & Gate packs are purchased.

Do I need to buy all 6 packs at once?

No. The loyalty card is valid for 3 months. Therefore, the free pack can be redeemed during this time frame once all 6 packs are purchased.

Can I purchase the products from different pharmacies?

No, the products need to be purchased from the same pharmacy where the first Cow & Gate purchase was made.

Do I need to keep the receipts?

Yes, each receipt must be stapled with the loyalty card as proof of purchase. This is required upon redemption.

Can I redeem more than 1 loyalty card?

Yes, you may be eligible for other loyalty cards, provided that this is within the campaign period.

From where do I redeem the free eligible Cow & Gate?

This is to be redeemed from the pharmacy listed on the loyalty card. Free eligible Cow & Gate is only given upon presentation of loyalty card with receipts.

My baby has switched from stage 2 to stage 3. Am I still eligible for the scheme?

Yes, stages 2, 3 & 4 are all eligible Cow & Gate products. Therefore, the product does not need to be the same as the first purchase.

Can I exchange my loyalty card after expiration date?

No. The loyalty card is valid for 3 months from 1st day of purchase. The free eligible product may only be redeemed within this period.

Terms & Conditions


  1. This offer is valid on Cow & Gate Stages 2, 3 and 4 only.
  2. 1 Free eligible Cow & Gate 800g unit is provided with every 6 eligible units purchased from the same pharmacy.
  3. Client can buy any of the eligible mentioned products during the loyalty scheme campaign.
  4. Client is required to continue purchasing the Cow & Gate products from the same pharmacy (listed on the loyalty card) where the first purchase was done. Cow & Gate products from a different pharmacy will not be eligible for this scheme. This also applies for chain pharmacies.
  5. Free product must be collected from the same pharmacy listed on the card. Upon redemption, the loyalty card together with receipts must be returned to the pharmacist.
  6. Stock is subject to availability.
  7. Receipts for each Cow & Gate product must be attached to each loyalty card as proof of purchase.
  8. Card is valid for three months from first date of purchase. Expired cards will not be eligible for redemption.
  9. Clients may be eligible for other loyalty cards, provided that this is within the campaign duration.

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