Top Product Safety Award by European Commission for Babylino Sensitive

Published on October 7, 2019

Top Product Safety Award by European Commission for Babylino Sensitive

Babylino reward product safety by EU

The Greek baby diapers Babylino Sensitive recently received the Product Safety Award from the European Commission. In a special award ceremony in Brussels, the Commissioner responsible for Justice, Consumers, and Gender Equality, Věra Jourová, awarded those companies which always try to offer something more in order to protect the consumers, while placing children’s safety at the center of their activities.

This top distinction reflects the top and non-negotiable priority of MEGA to produce an absolutely safe baby product: Babylino Sensitive. A product that has been recognized for its extremely high level of safety for infant skin, after a strict evaluation by EU’s special selection jury. “In MEGA we have always aimed at the safety and quality of our products. This award comes to reward our efforts and our dedication to excellence. This award also marks a timeless promise for our company to continue to ensure safety, maximize innovation and certify quality in its products,” said Ms Vitouladitou Leda, MEGA Disposables Sales & Marketing Director, who accepted the award.

The award was delivered by the Deputy Minister for Development Industry and Trade issues Mr. Nick Papathanassis, who mentioned: “MEGA is an example of business excellence in Greece. Innovation, Quality and Development. This is the new face of Greece that we want and strive for. ”