Fruit Smoothie Recipe With Aptamil Pronutra Advance For Children

Published on July 7, 2020
Apta club Malta Aptamil Prontura advance smoothie recipe for kids

Feeding your child is important at every stage.

Why don’t you try something new and fun by making fruit smoothies with baby formulas Aptamil Pronutra Advance 3 & 4. Try this easy recipe:

➡️ Ingredients:

1 banana
1/2 peach
3/4 cup Aptamil Pronutra Advance Growing Up Milk Stage 3 or 4

➡️ Preparation:

Step 1️⃣: Peel peach and banana 🍑🍌
Step 2️⃣: Mash them with a fork
Step 3️⃣: Prepare infant formula as it said on the package
Step 4️⃣: Mix all together. 😊

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