We are importers and distributors of food, baby food, personal hygiene, confectionery and pharmaceuticals.

Reliability and
Efficiency, seeking to
achieve the best link
between suppliers and
our clients.

Based in Malta, Pemix is one of Malta’s leaders in the import and distribution of a wide variety of products, including food, baby food and care, personal hygiene, confectionery, pharmaceuticals and more. 

Mission & Values

Our mission is to offer the best products to the Maltese market and to excel at being a leading distribution company in our chosen sectors. In pursuit of this, we focus on quality, reliability and efficiency.

Company History

For over 60 years, Pemix has been seeking to achieve the best link between suppliers and clients, and delivering high quality products over various sectors.

Origins and Milestones


1958 → The Beginning

P.Gatt & Co. Ltd was a wholesale company. After a few years, it started its diversification to become an import and distribution company. In 1965, the company’s name was changed to IMPEX LIMITED.

1972 → New Shareholders & New Operations

Mr. Joseph Camilleri and Mr. Paul Micallef joined IMPEX LIMITED as shareholders and quickly became its driving force.

1984 → Different Headquarters

The company moved to ‘Impex Court’ in Mosta with adjacent warehousing facilities.

1995 → New Company

There was a split in the company and whilst IMPEX LIMITED remained under Paul Micallef, Joe Camilleri’s new company became IMPEX TRADING LIMITED.

1999 → Pemix Ltd

The latter’s company name changed to PEMIX LIMITED to avoid confusion.

2000 → New Offices

Inauguration of PEMIX LIMITED’s new offices and warehouses in Mosta.

2019 → New CEO & Chairman

Appointment of new CEO & Chairman.

Pemix Today

Pemix continues to grow and is considered to be one of Malta's leading importers and distributors. The company continues to be at the forefront of delivering high-quality products over numerous sectors and linking suppliers with clients.


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