Country: Germany

Supplied By: Plumrose Deutschland

Imported By: importer

Böklunder offers a huge variety of delicious product variations from the hefty Bockwurst to our Böklunder Hot Dogs to be prepared for any occasion with the perfect sausage snack! To ensure this taste experience, Böklunder is known for its quality in its whole value chain.*

*source: https://www.boeklunder.de/home/qualitaet/qualitaetspolitik/

Founded in 1934 in the German city Böklund, Böklunder developed itself to a brand with a divers product portfolio that offers sausages in different packaging like jars and tins for international sale. Therefore it is known as Germany’s marketleader in self service sausage and canned sausage goods*

*source: GfK Consumer Scan 2011 Deutschland Gesamt, Menge

Enjoy a flavourful Böklunder sausages after work or in the lunch break during school since our sausages are products for the whole family! Pimp up your child’s birthday party by serving the Böklunder sausages or surprise your friends with a tasty sausage meal.

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