Country: Germany

Supplied By: Plumrose Deutschland

Imported By: importer

What do you imagine when you think about hot dogs? A crusty but soft bun that crunches inside your mouth? A simple but individual topping with ketchup, mustard, crispy fried onions and everything you could think of? But most importantly: A high quality, unique flavoured beechwood smoked Wikinger sausage that fills you with joy!

Wikinger as the king of hot dogs is producing more than half a billion hot dogs every year*, so that you can decide what recipe you want to bring to life today! With carefully selected ingredients and finely tuned spice combinations, Wikinger convinces with its quality and unique flavour. Be inspired to discover the limitless possibilities you can accomplish with just one jar of premium quality hot dogs. Awake the amateur chef in you and create an individual flavour for your meal, birthday party or special event! The hot dog is widely spread all around the world which is why the hot dog culture profits from the huge variety of recipes: Wikinger is contributing its part by showing people that your creation does not necessarily have to be an ordinary hot dog rather than your own little masterpiece.


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