Babylino Pants Unisex No. 7 Jumbo Pack | Extra Large Plus 16Kg+

The new Babylino Sensitive Pants have come to change everything you know about diapers pants!

Reflecting on the new conditions by modern lifestyle, Babylino Sensitive create a new innovative diaper-pants designed especially "for little explorers who conquer the peak"!

  • Convenient diaper change, as the baby does not need to be in a  supine position.babylino nappy pant diagram all around elastic
  • Absolute freedom of movement thanks to the new “All around elastic” technology around the hips and all around the waist, embraces baby’s body securely, following the body movements thus allowing the pant to stay in place even if heavily soiled.
  • Encourage the potty training phase, as they go up and down like a normal baby underwear.

Babylino Sensitive Pants are award-winning in addition to their highly absorbent, safe and certified skin-friendliness! They have been also awarded Product Safety Award from the European Commission, thereby acknowledging their extremely high level of safety for infant skin, after a strict evaluation by EU’s special jury.

Suitable for little ones weighing more than 16Kg.

Pack is available in small size and jumbo pack.


Supplied By: MEGA Disposables S.A.

Imported By: importer


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