Dr Pomoc | Kids Plasters

Dr Pomoc  children aid plasters
• high quality plasters with dressings;
• hypoallergenic;
• elastic and soft;
• breathable with micro-perforation;
• gentle on the skin;
• ensure freedom of movement.

Each pack includes 20 plaster pieces- 76x19 mm - 14 pcs. / 40x10 mm - 6 pcs.

Usage: Clean and dry the skin. Remove the patch from the paper envelope. Remove the white paper on one side and stick the patch pointing the dressing to the wound. Remove the second piece of paper and apply the patch to the wound. Squeeze the edges. Warnings: Single use product. Do not reuse a used patch. Change the patch and wash the wound daily.

Brand: Chlapu Chlap

Supplied By: Estetica Group

Imported By: importer


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