Sani Sensitive | Bedpads

Bedpads for special use. Sani Sensitive bedpads offer extra protection from leakage thanks to their Extra Large absorbent surface. With a waterproof backsheet, to help them stay in place. Easy-to-place on the bed, the sofa, the car seat, offering hygienic protection and cleanliness. Ideal for incontinence, post-surgical situations or other cases demanding extra protection from leakage.

Big size 90 cm x 60 cm and compact packaging for easier use.

  • Extra Large Absorbent Surface for effective leakage protection.
  • Soft quilted topsheet, to better absorb moisture.
  • Waterproof bottom layer, to protect from leakage.
  • Waterproof backsheet, to help keep the bedpad in place.
  • Unscented.

Dermatologically Tested.

Supplied By: MEGA Disposables S.A.

Imported By: importer


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