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  • 05 September, 2023
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Babylino Sensitive Pants

Babylino Sensitive Pants are not just for potty training anymore …. but for easy changing once the baby starts to stand!


Wider elastics around the hips and the waist, softly embrace the baby’s body more securely, following the body movements thus allowing the pants to stay in place even if heavily soiled.


Thanks to their innovative design, Babylino Sensitive Pants offer:


Convenient diaper change, as the baby does not need to be in a supine position.

Absolute freedom of movement –  Thanks to the new “All around elastic” technology around the hips and all around the waist, Babylino Sensitive Pants embrace the baby’s body securely, following body movement, thus allowing the pants to stay in place even if heavily soiled.
Encourage potty training, as they go up and down like a normal baby underwear.





Babylino Pants Unique Innovations!

Excellent absorbency (thanks to Dry Matrix technology)
Certified friendliness (Oeko-Tex @ Standard 100 certification)
Perfect fit (thanks to All around elastic and Comfi-Fit technologies)

Modern kids are so much more advanced than ever! They have more stimuli, completely different intakes and other growth rates. They achieve goals fast, they are much more active, they are in a hurry to discover the world and grow, and nothing should stop them!

Therefore, they need correspondingly innovative products to ensure their complete safety and freedom of movement. New Babylino Sensitive Pants are the answer!


Available in 4 different sizes including Jumbo packs. 


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